Best AI Yield Aggregators 2022

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Are you like many cryptocurrency investors sitting around biting your nails and waiting for another bull run while your assets sit idly in an account somewhere earning a big fat zero APY? If that’s you, then you need to learn about AI yield aggregators and fast!

Making a return on your investment should be your first goal as an investor, and yield farming is an excellent way to generate income from your cryptocurrency assets.

Yield farming basically means lending your digital assets to a liquidity pool in return for a high APY (annual percentage yield) on your investment.

So read on to find out more about the top AI yield aggregators in 2022 based on lock-up periods, interest rates, security, and more.


While many yield farmers utilize multiple platforms at once, the following are some of the most popular yield farming crypto platforms in 2022.

DeFi Swap is an AI yield farming platform and cryptocurrency exchange that promises 75% annualized returns for cryptocurrency investors. The DeFi Coin token (DEFC) is the only cryptocurrency you can stake on the DeFi Swap platform, and it is the driving force behind the network’s high rates. You have to hold your coin for at least 30 days and no more than one year. With a 30-day lock-in period, you can earn up to 30% APY or 75% APY with a 12-month lock-in time.

Even though DeFi Swap has only been around since early 2022, it has already become one of the market’s most talked-about new yield platforms of 2022. DeFi Swap has made no secret of its aim to become the center for decentralized finance; as a result, new investors can profit from additional yield farming prospects. Nearly all major cryptocurrencies, including most stablecoins, can be used to purchase DeFi Coin through an exchange.


Quint is the best yield farming tool for generating passive income on your digital currency assets, as this new crypto ecosystem combines the best yield farming strategy with crypto interest and tangible rewards.

Apart from the regular staking options, two distinct kinds of “super-staking pools” are available on the Quint platform: the super-staking luxury raffle pool and the quintessential pool. Team Quint intended to give QUINT’s global token holders a taste of luxury through its unique super-staking platform while catering to like-minded connoisseurs’ needs through a boutique NFT Marketplace.

To begin with, investors who stake a larger quantity of QUINT tokens will get a guaranteed tangible real-world benefit. The Luxury Raffle Pool staking option enables users to win luxury prizes through raffles held at the closing of the staking pools. In comparison, the Quintessential Super-Staking Pool option increases the value of rewards even more. These pools’ minimum lock-in term and investment quantity will vary based on the value of the set real-world reward.


Binance has developed a comprehensive crypto ecosystem with a wide range of features, with loads of options for you to generate returns on your cryptocurrency investment. A bitcoin savings account, staking deposit, or investment in a liquidity pool are all choices.

Your earning potential will vary depending on the token you choose, the duration of the lock-in period, and the market situation. For example, suppose you own Axie Infinity tokens and are looking for a solid return on your investment. Picking a fixed staking account will get an annual return of 104.62% for the first 90 days. In comparison, choosing a savings account will result in a 50% decrease in incentives for 15 days. If you pick a flexible savings plan, your returns will be reduced by 20%.


To maximize your cryptocurrency returns, you might want to consider Crypto.com. This site provides you with several options to invest in your cryptocurrency. One option is to open a savings account, which may provide up to 14.05% yearly rates. However, this APY is conditional on the asset and lock-in term you pick.

Crypto.com is one of the best yield farming crypto sites for stablecoin holders, with payouts ranging from 1.5% to 4% for other currencies like Bitcoin. The USDC promises a 10% return on investment for three months. If you pick a flexible plan, the APY drops to 6%.


Gemini is a reputable cryptocurrency exchange that provides its users with a full suite of trading and investment options. Using this service, you can buy, sell, and store your digital assets and make deposits using a credit card.

Transfer your tokens from your trading account to the interest account on Gemini to begin yield farming cryptocurrency. Your account balance will be updated daily to reflect the accumulation of the returns.

Gemini offers a maximum APY of 8.05% on your cryptocurrency holdings. Forty or so different cryptocurrencies, including various DeFi and stablecoins, are compatible with yield farming.

When it comes to yield farming, Gemini is among the top crypto platforms since it allows instantaneous asset redemption and transfers back into your trading account. This option is great for people who value simplicity because there are no fees for transfers or redemptions and no minimum deposits or withdrawals involved.


Despite the possibility of 1,000% APY, yield farming can carry a degree of risk. Your potential profits are dependent on the shifting value of the pegged tokens you own. There’s also the possibility that faults in smart contracts are decreasing your crop yields.

Moreover, security concerns persist due to uncertainty in the cryptocurrency sector. However, you should only invest after doing your own extensive research to determine that the possibilities involved are acceptable. To guarantee the safety and security of a service, users should always investigate providers. Overall though, yield farming can be very rewarding if you are ready to make a substantial financial commitment.

With companies such as Bolide.fi, you can start with any amount and invest in a vast range of staking and farming options while choosing a risk strategy that best suits your risk appetite. Even better, there’s no lock-up period, and you can get APYs of up to 30%!

Here are some of the benefits of investing with Bolide:

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  • Start investing with any amount
  • Hands-off, automated investments using your stablecoins
  • No lock-up period-access your funds and profits instantly
  • No withdrawal limitations

Starting your yield farming and staking journey is easy with platforms like Bolide. Simply visit Bolide.fi, connect your crypto wallet, deposit either $USDT / $USDC / $DAI / $BUSD, BTC or ETH and you’re good to go.

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