Bolide Finance Updates Its Website With Improved Functionality For Its Users

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Bolide Finance is happy to announce an update on its website, making it easier to use. DeFi yield farming is complex enough on its own. Bolide understands this and, therefore, chose to make its website more simplified. By explaining various features, the platform believes its users, experienced or new to DeFi, can enjoy the perks of its high-yield aggregation services with simplicity. 


The last iteration of the website sought to introduce a new lending product. Now the update seeks to simplify things by explaining what the product is all about and how the platform can help customers achieve their goals. A quick glance at the new version of the site reveals additional strategies for yield farming through vaults. This information is accessible by scrolling to the single asset vault section, where you can see estimated APYs and the total value locked (TVL) for stablecoins, USDT, USDC, DAI, BUSD plus BTC, ETH, and BLID. 

Since its launch, Bolide has experienced tremendous growth, reflected by its burgeoning TVL of over $5 million, up from $205,000 by the end of April, an incredible increase of over 2300%. The growth can be attributed to the platform’s growing reputation as a top DeFi yield aggregator which reflects the increasing number of quality partnerships the protocol has signed over the past few months. The list includes the “who’s who” in the DeFi space from DEXs, coin aggregators, dApps, wallets, and so on. 

Additionally, the protocol puts more effort into explaining how it takes your deposits and uses them to generate the high APYs. Also, you will be able to see how token prices change over time in the spirit of transparency. If you feel stuck, there is a link to an educational YouTube video which can help you easily get started. 


Bolide Finance is a high-yield DeFi aggregator that uses AI to determine unique farming strategies to guarantee high APY with zero impermanent loss. All that is required to get started is to deposit your assets in one of their vaults. The funds will be allocated to different lending protocols to provide initial liquidity. Then, stablecoins will be put up as collateral where different cryptos will be borrowed for farming in different DEXs. The platform’s AI will select the farming pairs with the best returns. 

Additionally, all the liquidity is distributed in small shares between different lending and farming protocols, thus diversifying risk and earning the best possible yield on the market. The rewards earned from various activities are exchanged into BLID, the native platform token, and paid to users as profit.